Tuesday, December 06, 2005

RamiOn Toes


The week didn’t start that well. For almost a month now my roommate and I have had to deal with a favorite Ramion Noodle pot being broken. Something in the handle had dislodged allowing for the pot to do a 360 around it. Ironically, Jason had mentioned the pot wasn’t a good thing to have around only a few days ago.

On Monday I was walking over to the TV with a scrumptious bowl of still boiling Ramion noodles when the inevitable happened. The broth shifted, the pot rotated and the piping hot liquid spilled onto the floor and my toes. I’m pretty sure I cursed at the top of my lungs, then dropped the pot, kicked my right foot about madly and then ripped off my sock as fast as humanly possible.

The worst part is couldn’t even milk a sick day from the incident... and my lunch was all over the floor.

Tuesday December 6th

Bigger Blisters

Things will get worse before they get better.

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edina monsoon said...

You poor dear! That looks painful. Guess you'll be walking about in flip flops the next week or so.Cos I don't forsee you squishing your toes into some shoe.