Thursday, September 20, 2007

Tomato Puree

"Made with Genetically Modified Tomatoes"

Eleven year-old Tommy sits at the back of my class. Generally quiet and well behaved, this is the first time I saw his creative streak.

The assignment was to bring a picture of yourself doing something. Many of the girls brought pictures of themselves performing choreographed dances wearing intergalactic vinyl costumes. Ben cut out 2x2 centimeter picture of two men climbing Mt. Everest. The kids wrote sentences such as, "I dancED in June 2003" or "He climbED Mr. Everest in December 1978" below their photos. The focus here was on the past tense.

Tommy on the other hand, cuts out a picture of Tomato Puree which reads "Made with Genetically Modified Tomatoes". He subtitles the picture with:

It's was very small tomato puree.
It's was very interesting.
Very little tomato is in the puree.
Tommy - made in greg's class

Tommy will be the highlight of my days to come.

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