Friday, May 02, 2008

080417 - Round Trip Reccy

Date: 080417-Friday
Starting Point: Iksan, South Korea
Riders: Greg - Hyosung 650 GTR
Terrain: Highway, secondary, soft pack, gravel
Curves: Good once in the mountains
Distance: 70km
Difficulty: 4/10

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A simple one hour round trip that begins in Iksan and takes you through a beautiful mountain pass to a lake. The path cutting across the mountain to the north is about 8km long and mostly made up of large gravel. I wouldn't ride that section on a sports bike again however it would be ideal for an enduro or a nature walk.

After visiting the lake the path cuts back through the mountains and into Iksan. There are some nice tight turns in the mountain. Not to much change in elevation and the corners don't last for long. Nonetheless, a good distance and duration for the rider who just wants a quick get away in the middle of the day.

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