Monday, January 23, 2006

Korean Students Say the Darndest Things

Setting: Marking tests that my special, advanced morning class wrote.

Question: Use the word "old fashioned" in a sentence.
Answer: My grandmother taste old fashioned
What I assume she meant: My grandmother's tastes are old fashioned

Setting: Can You Believe It class: 8 high school students all around 16. Wayne and his best friend come up with a new game which involves insulting and threatening each other in English. I'm delighted and welcome the dialogue as it is rare from my students address each other in English.

Joe: You're without notion!
Wayne: Spontaneously I want hit your face!!!

Setting: Same class. Asked one of the girls to make a sentence using the idiom "to make an attempt".
Jasmine: I made my first attempt at touching his snake.
Me: *looking a little shocked.. and making a hissing sound and slithering motion with my arm* Where?
Jasmine: At Degu Zoo
Me: Good... good use of "attempt to"

Setting: Beginning of my Let's Go 4 class. I walk is and the 11 year old boy in front of Jane says:
Student: Jane, change head color!
I look at Jane's head and see she now has light brown streaks in her dark black hair.

Setting: Let's Go 5 Speaking Test
Student sees a picture of a girl sitting at a piano bench in front of a piano.
Question: What does she do in the evening?
Student's Answer: She plays IN the piano.

Setting: Let's GO speaking test.
Question: What did the girl do before she went to bed?
Top Answer: She brushed her house before she went to bed.
Correct Answer: She brushed her horse before she went to bed.

Question: Which boy is Jack?
Top Answer: He is the boy who is eating an Indian.
Correct Answer: He is the boy who is eating an Indian curry.

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Anonymous said...

I found them soooo cute, aren't they? Can't stop laughing. You must have enjoyed the tests.
The funniest one was the "snake" thing.^^