Monday, September 18, 2006

Sunday Reading

I read a 140 page instruction manual last night. It wasn't one of those little pocket book kinds that you get with a new camera, those are the children's stories of the manual world. This was a full-on A4 sized novel with tedious, ambiguous and confusing instructions on how to use the latest Traktor Dj Studio software. It was a 5 star read, perfect for Sunday afternoon... a real cliff hanger. I managed to work through it all, performing each task as I learned it. What prompted me to spend my entire Sunday afternoon, almost 12 consecutive hours, with a manual?

I was at the local tavern, "Psycho", a few nights ago sharing some beers with my roommate, neighbor and girlfriend.  A Canadian-Korean teacher/rocker named Jason Jang told us he would be jamming with his band at the end of the month.  Just before he told me this, I had brought up the idea of getting some DJs (namely myself and room mate) with the bar staff. 

I've been wanting to DJ ever since arriving in Korea but have been to scared to switch from Dj-1800 (a very basic program) to Traktor (an unbelievably complex program).  Psycho bar was all over the idea of bring DJs in and Jang, the band member, said he'd put our names on the flyer!  I'm gonna have my FREAKING NAME ON A FLYER!!!   

The whole thing isn't actually as huge as I'm making it sound.  We're talking a crowd of about 30 if lucky... faces which are all familiar, and people who have had to learned to like anything Gumi has offer in the form of entertainment. You can't be too picky when there is only one club to choose from. Ahhh, it'll be intement.  Bryan and I are gonna funk-ify the dance floor before, between and after the band's sets.


Anonymous said...

rad! when?

comatose said...

When: September 30th - As soon as you feel like drinking and dancing.

Where: Psycho Night Club, Gumi, South Korea


Featuring: Jang and the band "The Stone Pistols" or "Or stone Roses" or something along those lines. Jang... you should have details like this on your blog man! I don't look too hard though,

Special Guests: Djs Comatosed and Swamp Cat laying the funk down.