Monday, September 18, 2006

Don't Like Salty Culture

I was searching for my buddy Jason's Blog on Blogger. What I found was even better...

Ps. Just uploaded four 4 photo sets: Alice's Birthday / Bryan's Birthday and a Roof Top Party With Mexicans / A Hike Up GumoSan Mountain / Another Korean Wedding Bonus: Now visited links turn dark brown! How crazy is that!

For those with bad eyes::

"Hi,I am a Korean man,Jason. Are you interested in Korean man? I like russian girl specially because she is very intelligent and pure. I think that Russia is one of the best cultural nations which can not be compared with u.s.a. I don't like salty culture as like american culture.I believe the true traditional nation in this world is Russia. To talk about my character is a bit difficult for me, it is better to let other people do. All I can say about me is, I`m friendly, fair, honest and with sense of humour. But I`m sure you also will find some weak points.I am working in golf club. service manager. I hope to have a good relationships with you. Waiting for your reply witn my heart fluttered.Thnks."

1 comment:

me said...

my heart is fluttering too. jason's the man for me.
please be my matchmaker greg.