Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Motorbike 4 Sale

2004 250cc Hyosung Comet GT

7000km - Meticulously Maintained - Excellent Condition
New rear sprocket, drive chain and starter
Proper papers and documentation

Just returned from a 800km tour to the DMZ
Reason for selling: Time for a bigger engine!
Asking Price w2,000,000

Read my review of the bike "">

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Cruise'n Gumi
Ripping around Gumi... WARNING: Video may induce nausea!

060315-Board Break'n Bikers
Watch Paul (Honda 125), Bryant (Hyosung XRX 125) and Greg-o (Hyosung Comet 250) tear up the streets in the quaint South Korean town of Gumi. These three English teachers haven't the first clue about stunt riding and this shines blatantly through all Greg's fancy editing work.

My daily ride to school...

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