Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Flyering High


The rock band and DJ gig were well received at Psycho last week. The Love Guns and Jack Coke got the crowd rocking from around 11:00-12:30. Their heavy sound filled the floor quickly with headbangers and jumpers. My self, Comatosed, and Dj SwampCat continued to rock the club until 6am. Midway through the night cloths started coming off and many sexy ladies (with the exception of Jason :) were up grinding on the bar and tables. The dance floor hosted a similar, slightly more explicit scene. When the music finally stopped fifteen or so of us saw the sun rise and went for some Sam Gyup Sa at my favorite dirty Sam Gyup Hut.

This weekend there'll be a new Dj in the mix. Shawna will be spinning Rap and HipHop, SwampCat will be laying down Drum & Base, Ragga Jungle and HipHop, and I will be flooding the floor with various funky, deep and progressive house tracks. I hope takes two restaurants to feed everyone this time around!

Here are the flyers from last week:


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