Tuesday, November 04, 2008

Curvy Galore - Iksan to Uljin Bike Tour

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Iksan to Uljin - Curvy Galore

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Date: 081003-Friday
Starting Point: Iksan, South Korea
End Point: Uljin, South Korea
Riders: Greg - Hyosung 650 GTR, Older Greg - Honda 750 Magna, Damian Honda FireBlade CBR 1000, Jerry Honda FireBlade CBR 1000. Patrick BMW 650
Terrain: Highway, secondary
Curves: Good once in the mountains
Difficulty: 6/10

GPS Trip Data:
Total Time (h:m:s)
Moving Time (h:m:s)
2:48:23 (-48 minutes for navigation errors and such)
Distance (km)
Moving Speed (kph)
67.4 avg.
151 max.

Greg and I Took the route Clair and I originally planned to ride to the Boryang Mud Festival. The first stretch is all highway, good to open the bike up on but otherwise not too exciting. Once in the mountains the highway gets more interesting, the curves are generally wide and soft with many straightaways. Things change dramatically on the West side of the lake, the road is extremely narrow and there are hairpin turns the entire way. The convex mirrors set up on some of the tight turns help a little but Greg and I still had moments of surprise, meeting up with oncoming Sunday drivers smack in the middle of the road. South of the shore the road opens up again and it's a fun and fast ride through the traffic back to Iksan. You could easily do this ride in two hours if you omitted all the stops along the way, perfect for a week day.

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