Wednesday, January 28, 2009

001|365 Happy New Years

001|365 Happy New Years
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Unlike virtually every other New Years in recent history, I DIDN'T begin 2009 this way.

I spent New Years evening in Canada with both family and friends driving from one party to the other before my trip back home to Korea tomorrow at 10am. Because I had to operate a vehicle, I managed to nurse two beers and a glass of champaign the whole night through and still have a great time.

My name is Greg and I'm looking forward to my adventures in 365/2009 with all of you from start to finish.

Happy 2009

--- Critiques Welcome ---

--- Strobist ---
Two Vivitar 285 HVs, one with green gel bottom center @ 1/2 and one with with omni bounce top right @1/2. Reflection caught in bathroom mirror due to space restrictions. PS used to darken the edges and thanks to jpdodd for the Vomit Stain on Sidewalk Texture.

See setup shot for more info.

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