Monday, July 14, 2008

Boryeong Mud Festival - July 2008


It's here again, Korea's best festival which so aptly combines mud, foreigners and drunken debauchery into a single week long event. My girl friend, Hyun Mi spent most of her work day looking into lodging. Most places were booked months in advance, but one lodge could not evade her super sleuth-y-ness. Not only did she find a clean place which sleeps 9-12 (Korean sized people I'm presuming), she found one that was close to the beach with outdoor grills, tables, a super nice owner and a very cheap price.

I will attempt to include all relevant information in this blog entry. If you have comments or still have unanswered questions please leave a comment below.

The Plan
1. Arrive in Boryeong sometime on Saturday July 19th
2. Drop stuff off at Opera Pension (our lodge)
3. Get drunk and muddy
4. All meet for dinner at Opera around 7pm

Hyun Mi and I will go about buying tons of gogi (meat), lettuce, sauces, onions, garlic etc. It'll basically be a giant Sam Gyup Sal / Galbi party.

Be sure to BYOB!!!

(Based on two festivals experience, seafood is your only food of choice on Daecheon Beach, or any beach in Korea for that matter. The Daecheon beach seafood is both expensive, substandard and can't come close to our patio-grill vibe.)

5. Party on at the guest house or hit the festival again.
6. Leave sometime the next day.

So there are 11 spots for sure, and possibly more depending on how things look once we get there. Spots will be given on a first come first serve bases. Hyun Mi and I have already paid for the place, so to avoid collection hassles and fence sitters we ask that you wire 26,000w to me. Contact me and I'll give you my bank info.

Price Breakdown: Thanks to Hyun Mi's bargaining skills the room is only 160,000w
Room 16,000 -Based on 10 people
Dinner 10,000 -Per person, likely all you can eat gogi

If we get more or less occupants, the room price will be adjusted accordingly on location.

Tired of reading? Here are some pictures.


*Accommodation may not be exactly as show. If you imagine it without the bird, lawn and mountains and substitute road side for beach front you'll have a pretty accurate image of where we'll be staying. Or, you can just check out the image below.


This is the side profile where you can see how the name is spelt. O-PE-RA


I'm pretty sure the beach wasn't photoshopped in this picture which means it is walking distance


The inside looks really nice


And this is where we will grill


Look! What fun!


Oh, and James Bond's arch nemeses Jaws keeps a summer home here too.



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