Thursday, July 17, 2008

'Fixing' People


Original Photo / Edited Photo / Side by Side Comparison
The idea of 'fixing' people still wrestles with my conscience, but it's so damn fun. And this is where problem lies, makeup artists want to show off their skills, photographers theirs, and finally the photoshopers theirs! So you have now had a minimum of three artists work on a 'piece' rather than a human, no wonder the people we see in magazines look anything but real.

This is the second glamor touch up I tried after the initial youtube tutorial I followed using a photo of myself.


I pretty much overdid EVERYTHING here but it's always difficult to use a new skill in moderation, just have a browse through the 'My First HDR' group to see examples from others who suffer from my affliction.


Overdone... ya... but the process taught me soooo much and has thus given me fresh ideas on how to take my post production to a whole new level. I just hope I can learn less is more quicker than I did with HDR.

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