Saturday, October 22, 2005

GST Refund Cancelation Template

Here's a copy of the letter I sent to my tax center back home. Please feel free to distribute it as a template to any and all Canadains seeking non-residency status.


Tax Center of Surrey ----- Friday October 22, 2005
Attention: GST
9755 King George Hwy
Surrey, BC V3T 5E1

Comatosed (SIN: 666 666 666)
6 ** *** 6** (apart) 6***
D**** * ****
Gumi, Kyongbuk-Do 730-022
South Korea

To any of the nice Canadians there,

While I love getting GST refunds deposited into my account, I am requesting that you immediately cease giving me my-own money back. Again, please do not deposit any further GST refunds into my bank account.

As my current address indicates, I am no longer living in Canada. I left the country on July 21, 2005 and have no intention of returning any time soon. It is my dream, that after finding my way through this maze of government paperwork, I will be declared a non-resident of Canada and allowed to keep 24% more of my income.

Thank you for helping to make my dream come true.



Kurios1978 said...

How long do you have to be out of country to qualify?

comatose said...

There used to be a minimum time one had to be out of the country. Then rich business men started taking advantage of the system. By sheer coincidence the year they claimed non-residency for also happened to be their highest income year.

Now the assessment is based on how many connections and ties one has "severed" in Canada. And get this, owning furniture or clothing back home is considered a tie!