Wednesday, October 12, 2005

Today my Roommate Farted in Yoga Class

Wow, this Blog is rapidly deteriorating,,, from cheap breasts and lady~boys to farts. But seriously, today was undoubtedly one of the most hilarious days I have experienced since coming to Korea. I was laughing so hard my tears left a large wet spot on my Yoga matt.

My roommate and I have often had close calls in Yoga, many of the positions are such that you really have to hold back form letting one rip. Well today the inevitable happened, my roommate lost control for just a split second and let a thundering fart reverberate through the entire room. Everyone herd it,,, it was the kind of fart where it would just be foolish to pretend you hadn*t.

Three of us joined Yoga together about three weeks back, namely, my roommate, his Korean girlfriend and I. This story begins with us already in a fragile state. You see, this was now the second time my roommate had passed wind in the same class however, this time was much, much louder. So when I heard this rumbler, I collapsed into a heap on my matt and the other two followed my lead. We all tried our hardest to suppress our laughter but were powerless against the almighty, laugh~inspiring fart. Even our semi~serious female Yoga teacher couldn*t control herself. Her running commentary faltered along with her incredible balance as she tried, unsuccessfully, to maintain her composure. What followed was a vicious circle of laughter where we fed off of each other for the remaining twenty minutes of the class.

The other three woman didn*t seem to find the whole ordeal nearly as amusing as we did. All I could think about was what it would sound like should it happen again in the current position. Watching my friends and instructor twitching, struggling and even collapsing while trying to hold simple positions only made things funnier.

Perhaps the greatest part of all is that the three of us, and our instructor, sat with a cup of tea and reminisced in incredible detail about the events leading up to and following the fart. We did full~on re~enactments which made us laugh almost as hard as the original act. But of course, it was the classic taboo~laughter that made the situation so gut wrenching in the first place. Oddly, I think we all feel much closer to our instructor now,,, we all share this moment and the same childish sense of humour.


edina monsoon said...

This is my greatest nightmare too. And if you dun tell anyone else...lemme tell you that I farted once too. But it was a wee one. Nobody noticed it. Lucky

comatose said...

Just remember Edina, your not alone, there are many others like us out there. You're sectet is safe with me... I promise.