Sunday, October 23, 2005

Useful Links

If anyone has a link they think belongs here just post them in a comment and I*ll probably add them...

If you are looking for general Korean resources...
- Check out the exchange rates on any currency
Korean Won Tracker
- Choose your native currency as the base and pray for less Won to equal more of it - sell when you think the line is bottomed out!
Korea Customs Service
- Lots of good information on what you can bring into the country and what you might have to pay to do it. If you are posting a question be prepared to navigate a very non-intuitive site and wait a week for an answer
Dave*s ESL Cafe
- I really don*t think this one needs a description
Teaching Jobs in Thailand
- By virtue of reading this you have agreed not to seek any of the jobs listed on the linked site anytime the owner of this Blog is searching for a job there
Introduction to Korean
- The fun-nest and most effective way I have been able to learn Korean characters and their pronunciation

If scooters and mopeds just don't cut it...

Hyosung Motors
- Wicked cheap Korean motorbikes (Engines made by Suzuki)
Daelim Motors
- Hyosung*s competition (Engines made by Honda)
- Great site to find specifications, reviews and discussion groups on virtually every bike under the sun
Used Bike Checklist
- Don*t like getting ripped off? This is an extremely detailed list of what to look for so you don*t end up
with a lemon

If you like to make music...

Midi Sound (Translated)
- Big music store in Seoul with used equipment listings and discussion board (Korean Version)
OS X Audio
- Forums and product reviews for computer savvy musicians
- A wealth of information including articles, forums, a dictionary, user reviews, tutorials and more for the electronic musician
- An internet music store that will ship most items to Korea

If your electronics quit when they knew you couldn't speak the language...

Pentax International
- Service Centre Locator
Apple Asia
- Service Centre Locator

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Kurios1978 said...

That Korean Midisound link. Great one... thanks.