Sunday, May 07, 2006

Give & Take

So I promised myself I would start making a track every few weeks about a month ago. I committed to finishing up some the 20 or so half composed song ideas decomposing in various folders on my Mac. Now my blog, movies and photos go neglected as I spend late nights keying out tunes of my Korg. But I'm happy... I'll just accept the fact I'm a binge artist... half a year of this, half a year of that. It's been nine months since I put out a new track.

Give it a listen here: SuddenDesire click on the "HiFi" button.

My Hyosung 250 Comet Review has also been updated with some pretty cool shots.

Some things I hope to write about:

Man Night Highlights
-Pre drinking motorcycle night ride up Gumosan Mountain

-4 Kings Drinking Game
---Drinking games designed around shooting BB-Guns
----Namely he who pulls the fourth king get put on the firing-line while pounding a shot of SoJu

-Dueling shirtless in the park
---Claiming the role of UN in enforcing dueling fairness - no mercy for non abiders

-Jamming in the park
---Guitar, Harmonicas, Shakers and some good old folk singing at 3am

-Iron man competitions on the monkey bars

Birthday Highlights
-Celebrating Children's Day on the roof of our school playing games all day long

-Getting retarded-ly drunk in the evening
---Sitting, drinking and getting photos with every group of Korean's in the restaurant

-Suffering from the worst hangover in my life Friday morning

BoSong Tea Festival Highlights
-The worst weather and worst hangover I have every experienced in Korea
-Almost barfing on the bus to the festival
-Rainy yet beautiful tea gardens
-A wicked time with Alice

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Anonymous said...

why do i have to come last all the time?? haha- just kidding.
glad you had a good time. so did i!