Sunday, May 21, 2006

Perfect Day

Yesterday was a perfect day.

Chapter 1

my teacher friend Brenda

got married!

everyone was there

there was a big smoking cake

but I never got to eat any :(

then she got married again!

this time Korean style

I drank some booze with her father

Chapter 2

after the wedding I met up with this guy

and then this kid

we rode to a temple

and I saw this worm

these jars

and these pictures

there was a little baby Buddhist boy praying on a giant rock

but it wasn't a real a boy

the shutters on the temple were dusty

but the flowers were clean

the kids were clean too

so I picked them up

Chapter 3

near the temple, there was a river

I put my foot in it

and then played with shutter speeds

my toes aren't actually this red

my toe nails are actually this disgusting

I decided to jump in


and relax

Chapter 4

it was evening and the air was cool, so I visited our garden

my girlfriend and I started it,

but Shway and Joe have helped us along the way

it went from looking like this

to this

when I finished sewing the seeds it looked this this

Chapter 5

I went home, showered, ordered a combination cheese crust pizza for 5 bucks and watched a movie.

Yesterday was a perfect day.



Love the pics greg.

comatose said...

Thanks - Wish you could see em live!