Monday, May 15, 2006

Teacher's Day

Every year Korean's all over Korea celebrate Teacher's day. This will be my first Teacher's Day, and I must say I'm getting excited. The day started with me riding out to teach kindergarten in Indong and finding the school completely abandoned. Not entirely disappointed by the fact I wasn't teaching, I lounged on the steps in the warm morning sun eating my gim bop.

Despite this day having been created solely for teachers, Hogwans refuse to allow their employees to enjoy a day away from class. That's OK though, I'll just compensate by taking it easy in class this afternoon... very easy.

I'm hoping for a good yield of gifts from my students - I've been mimicking the ways of the Korean teachers, building the kids up for this important day with frequent reminders and plenty of little gifts to create a sense of indebtedness. It's especially important I receive lots of presents because many students and teachers alike believe quantity of presents correlates directly to "teacher love".

My arch nemesis in the teacher love department, Joy, has been working equally hard and building up her students for this day. But it must be notes that the odds are in her favor... she is cute, she is female and she has larger and younger classes!

I'll report back after the battle this evening.


me said...

WHO WON?! Don't leave me hangin! I got two pair of ugly leggings (there are hearts involved), a cloth rose, and a shampoo and conditioner set. Annie and Angie both got more than me. Not enough prepping. There's always next year

comatose said...

We kind of tied... I received a cake, 2 suckers, and a crushed cookie. Joy got 3 flowers and some candy. All in all a very disappointing Teacher's Day :( Nothing like I expected it to be but apparently this is not unusual.