Sunday, May 28, 2006

SoundClash 3 - Loopy Sunday

  • LISTEN to SoundClash3
    Be patient, audio files can take a minute

  • Date: May 28th 2006
    Contributors:Comatosed VS Swamp Cat
    Time Limit: 1:10
    Application: Garage Band
    Condition 1: 16 bar loop
    Condition 2: 1 live mic input
    Condition 3: Photo and title accompanying track
    Allowed: factory loops, mic input, manual input
    Not Allowed: midi keyboard, use of other applications

    The battle was on again this Sunday. It's a tough call this time.

    Sound Clash = Creative thought pushed, pulled and morphed beyond the limits of comprehension while confronted head on with the harsh realities of rules and time frames.... or, making music according to some predefined parameters.

    Check out each track and then leave a comment! Be sure to indicate which track you liked best and, if possible, tell us why...

  • 060528-SoundClash3-Tracks Be patient, audio files can take a minute

    Click on the link above, hit play, and continue browsing if you can't sit still.

    ****** I've Made My Decision ******

    Thanks in advance for taking the time.
    -Comatosed and Swamp Cat

    If your up for a showdown, if you think you've got the skills, leave a comment requesting a battle.

    The Principal said...

    who's winning, what do other people say? Could you post these results?

    comatose said...

    You can read what all 4 other people have said if you click on the VOTE button ;) But I'll get around to posting the results too. I'll have to come up with some kind of time limit... like a week before posting results.

    Hey, wanna ride to the East Coast tomorrow? Around Pohang?