Wednesday, February 18, 2009

035|365 The Station ~ Japan-easy

Theme: Japan-easy

Had a lot of fun with this shot. Used my Bogen Super Clamp yet again, I swear, the most useful piece of Camera Kit I've bought in a long time. Hooked it up to an I-Beam above my head. My camera looked like a surveillance camera and all the Japanese folk were giving me kinda funny looks.

Found the busiest spot I could find and played around with my 50mm and some slow exposures. I liked the look I got here. I think I stopped abruptly and people had to walk around me. Just with I was better in focus. Next time.

Took a lot of self portraits today, seems to be a good way to occupy time and save money in Japan. These were todays out takes: Have a Banana and Get Some.

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None for this one!

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