Wednesday, February 18, 2009

037|365 Lost ~ Random

037|365 Lost ~ Random, originally uploaded by comatosed.

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I feel lost these last two days. The feeling overcame me just as I left for Fukouka airport. The past 15 days have been full of adventure, quitting one job at the drop of a hat, starting another, moving, snowboarding in Muju with buddies, spraining my wrist, going to Japan for 3 days on a visa run... Now work begins and I find myself still hoping it will be worth everything I had to give up.

I gave up my community of friends, people I worked, motorcycled, traveled, ate and partied with. I gave up students which I taught for 17 months, children that felt so much like my own teaching them was no longer a job, it was just plain fun. I gave up my city, a place where I worked hard to find all those hard to find things I seem to always need when I undertake some new DIY project.

Everyone always says it's tough in the beginning. I should know this by now, I've have at last 15 situations similar to this. But with a breakup still on my mind and plenty of free time for reflection during this latest job transition, I find myself feeling as though I'm just bushwhacking my way through my twenties with no real purpose... well, other than paying back my student loans.

Had an out take today. While I liked the framing, the grit and the shoe, in the end I felt this photo better reflects the feelings I described above. I'm curious, which one would you have gone with?

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