Wednesday, February 18, 2009

041|365 Are you sure you want to switch to Windows XP? ~ Random

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I got my work computer today - I'm really not happy about it. It's not that I don't know how to use XP, I just realize how limiting it is after using OSX. I often use my Universal Access features like Zoom to zoom my entire screen, and switch my display to White on Black so students can see better. It seems many practical shortcuts such as CREATING A NEW FOLDER, an everyday function, DON'T EXIST! And of course, without expose I'm back to sifting through stacks of open items with incoherent abbreviated names along my Task Bar.

But it's not just the operating system thats killing me. The hardware is just as bad, possibly even worse. There is no battery life indicator, my audio inputs don't work at all, the ports are scattered all over the place and the trackpad wont let me scroll.

--- Flashlightist ---
I enlisted the help of buddies for the second time. Greg came down to visit from Iksan and after a dinner and some drinks with Scott it was already 11:30. So I had Greg, a very skilled photographer, hear out my concept and set up the frame. Greg had Scott, a very skilled flashlight holder ;) hold the flashlight on my Xnote. Greg then lit my MacBook and I had the tough job of fingering the camera and hitting my remote.

When I went to my computer early this morning, I saw Greg's proposed crop of this photo and liked the idea. I squared it up, did a little dodge and burn and added a texture, Paper Lomo, kindly provided by Logotip.

All in all, a nice collaborative effort.

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