Thursday, July 15, 2010

100712-Our first outting

100712-Our first outting, originally uploaded by comatosed.

Yesterday I mentioned how Chaka basically eats, burps, poops and sleeps day in and day out thus leaving me not a whole lot new to report on. Well today was a milestone! Chaka and I had our first outing since she left the hospital. We needed to pay a visit to the doctor so I filled my cargo shorts with diapers, a bottle of formula, baby wipes and medical logs and then set out with her tucked snugly into her Moby wrap.

Chaka was an angel, she was either looking around or sleeping the whole time -- aside from when she had a needle jabbed in her arm. In fact, things were going so smoothly I decided to pick up another wash basin and stop for a coffee on the way home.

This lighting set-up was inspired by Dracubio's photo. Although it's not really fitting for this theme it was cool to try it out.

ps. She gained over a kilo and grew 13 cm in just 23 days!

--- Strobist ---
1 SB-28 @ 1/4 at about 2 o'clock
1 Reflector down low at about 8 o'clock

--- Critiques Welcome ---
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