Tuesday, July 06, 2010

100619-2:07pm: Welcome to our world Chaka

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It's about time I entered their would, it was getting squishy in there. I think mom could have pushed all 4.62kg of me out but it might have been risky for us so I got lifted out without a struggle.

My mom looked like she was sleeping when I appeared. I wish I could have spent those first few minutes with her. I got do see dad really soon though! He kissed me on my forehead and there was some water coming out of his eyes.

Then the doctors said "take a picture" and dad fumbled around with this big black thing like it was his first time using it.

I have a feeling I'll be seeing a lot of that thing...

They made me stay in a clear box for 4 hours for no good reason, I was healthy. I could tell dad was upset. He kept pacing around talking to the doctors and nurses. Finally they let me see dad, but only for a half an hour. Dad took me to mom who was lying in bed and mom got water in her eyes too when she said hello to me.

They brought me back to the box and I fell asleep there for the next three hours.

--- Lessons Learned ---
1. Go natural if possible
2. Organize a midwife and Doula early on
3. Make a birth plan
4. Even if you have to go to the hospital, get the Doula to come with, she can be a huge source of help and support.
5. Cherish the moment asin the end none of these things will matter that much if you have a health baby girl/boy in your hands.

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