Tuesday, July 20, 2010

100715-Cento's Bed Frame.jpg

100715-Cento's Bed Frame.jpg, originally uploaded by comatosed.

Making a bed frame look cool is harder than I ever anticipated. For a guy who would like to shoot kick-ass product shots for a living, I better get in touch with reality. But first get a little cheese because I'm gonna wine:

1. Cento asked me to shoot this with less than a day's notice
2. I had to do it after work so it was dark
3. The item was large an cumbersome so my location choices were either in the cluttered shop or outside but I lacked the gear to light it sufficiently
4. The corridor I shot it in was very tight

Regardless, these are the kind of circumstances I should expect so I better figure out how make the best of them in the future.

--- Strobist ---
1 SB-28 @ 1/2 at about 1 o'clock bounced off wall
1 SB-28 @ 1/2 at about 8 o'clock bounced off wall
1 Morris_Mini_Slave_Flash_II @ 1/1 tucked in first cabinet
1 Sunpack DS-20 @ 1/1 tucked in second cabinet

--- Critiques Welcome ---
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