Wednesday, September 07, 2005

The End of Suburbia

Watched a docudrama by the title above last night. It was exactly the right amount of doom, gloom and optimism I love in a documentary. Essentially, energy resources on our planet have hit peak production, now we are headed back down the bell-curve. Mother Earth lacks the energy resources to support our suburban way of life (which by the way is one of the most inefficient ways of life on the planet, having only the negatives of both farm and city life). It was the kind of documentary that leaves you pondering about which country you want to start a small organic, self-sustaining farm on. Remember to take into account there will likely be wars over energy in places where it is readily available. I figured a country that already has nothing would cope best when the blackouts begin.

But don*t loose hope... as a result of having to drastically change the way we live community living will reemerge and be vital to our survival. We will need to produce our own energy, foods and goods, and rely on each other for support. Retail will take a while to relearn due Wall-Mart and all of its relatives having destroyed small businesses.

Living in Gumi Korea, I have a good glimpse at what a post Big Box Store community looks like. My groceries are as cheap, if not cheaper at the corner store than they are at E-Mart, which is twenty minutes away. There are over fifteen market stands lining the short path to my school. Across from E-Mart, all of the storefronts are closed. Here you actually interact at stores. I look forward to the old, fat Korean woman who screams *HEEEELLL-OOOO* and gives me the peace sign every night from her shanty noodle stand.

I*m going to Google *basic survival courses* now. I*m going to need some more applicable skills in the future. Making music on my computer and Dj*ing are great fun, but I want something I can enjoy without having to plug it in. These ideas of a drastic life overhaul will be left for future musings however.


-I encourage everyone to see this excellent documentary. Visit the link below for more information (No idea why links don*t work here... Copy and paste I guess!).


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looks interesting... id love to hear some of your music.


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