Wednesday, September 14, 2005

I Think I*m Going Blind

I*m starting to worry about my eyes, for the first half hour or so of every morning my vision is completely distorted (rubbing my eyes to point of eye-gasm may be a strong contributing factor). My eyes seem to accumulate this kind of slime in them. In the evenings they seem to be fine until I try to start my marking.... strange. I wonder if this has anything to do with my reading that Roosters (in the Chinese zodiac) are especially prone to vision disorders... Maybe it*s this apartment, my pillow or the mere fact I spend copious amounts of time in front of my shiny new G4 Power Book; which, by the way, has some kind of optical drive glitch. It was bound to happen just after I finished telling people how incredibly bomb proof Macs are.

I worked as Tech support for MSN one summer ago. The job was very accommodating of my broken ankle. As a result of this experience,I know exactly what information technical support is looking for. More importantly, I know all the crap they really don*t want to hear. It wasn*t the fact the call from Korea to the USA was costing me 15 cents for every minuet they kept me on hold that was frustrating me. Nor did I care that it was 1:00 in the morning and Apple was unable to provide me with any useful information about where I could find an apple store around here. What vexed me was the fact I had answered all my own questions prior to the call! I was simply wasting my time and my money verifying all my own answers. When I told Rick I had:

Tried 6 different types of media
Tried burning as different user
Repaired permissions
Ran **sudo daily, weekly, monthly**
Erased safari cache
Zapped PRAM
Reset PMU
Reinstalled latest Tiger Update: 10.4.2 Combo Update

He replied, **Looks like you covered a lot of ground... you should probably take it to an Authorized Apple Repair Center**. He even let me know it would be better to find a local center rather than ship my computer to the US or Canada... he was a wealth of information.

Well, enough bitching, looks like I*ll be headed to Seoul sooner than expected! On a completely different note, it always surprises how the original ideas I come here to post are never put to paper. I hope, one day, I*ll get around to writing about teaching English and living in Korea. In the mean time, I*m gonna stop writing as my vision is now limited to the bottom left corner of my right eye.


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Max said...

Your eyes are just like mine were--you've got allergies, probably due to the funky mold that grows in air conditioners. Go to the pharmacy and get some "TISMIN" or "ALLEGRA-D", pop one-a-day until summer's over, and be okay. It's 3000 won for 10, which isn't cheap compared to the fact I got a bottle of AllerClear from that states at $18 for 300. Oh, and use Skype or something to call the US for like 2 cents a minute.