Friday, September 23, 2005

Ever Heard of Yoga?

I*ve never been with the times... I*m generally always two to three years behind... by that time everything has gotten a lot cheaper. I*m the guy who buys last seasons jeans and trendy shirts at Winners. I wait a good two weeks for the latest technology to go obsolete before I acquire it. So it figures that I just jumped on to the Yoga bandwagon.

Yoga is a... mmmm... sport... or perhaps an art... an aerobic... or is it a meditation ~ whatever it is, I could have cared less about it. Since moving to Korea I have led quite a lethargic life style consisting mainly of teaching, downloading, emailing, watching TV, drinking, Dj*ing, composing tracks on my Mac and learning html through a painstaking process of **republish entire blog** and **preview**. Until now I have justified this existence with the notion that once I had more funds at my disposal, and got over my tonsillitis, I would assume this incredibly active lifestyle.

Well now I have money... yet I am still a sloth. This morning I agreed to accompany my roommate, Jason, and his Korean girlfriend, Joy, to their second yoga class. I was amazed by just how exhilarating the five-minute walk to the gym was in and of itself! But the yoga class I was about to undertake would be far superior.

First off, I have to give some credit to people who can perform yoga with any aspect of fluidness. If I could buy three additional traits it would be balance, coordination and grace. I was like a fish out of water... flopping around on my double long yoga matt that had to accommodate my six foot five frame. Meanwhile. 15 middle age housewives and two young Korean women were adopting position the human body shouldn*t even be able to assume... effortlessly.

There*s this one, I*m sure we*ve all seen and liked, where you kind of do this elongated, slow humping movement along the ground and end up looking like a walrus. Ideally you move from having your ass up in the air to the extended walrus position in one fluid movement. My movement consisted of moving forward, collapsing with a thud beside my mat, readjusting, awkwardly assuming the extended walrus position and then doing the exact same thing in reverse.

Another one of my favorites was this position I*ll call the **Charmed Snake**. You start by wrapping your arms around each other, I wish I could be more specific but my body wasn*t capable of doing it, then wrap one leg over the other, squat down ninety degrees and do this all while standing on one foot. The harsh part was, I was already beat after the initial five minutes of cross-legged, circle fingered meditation. After the teacher came around and straitened my posture, I was shaking for the next five minutes trying to maintain it.

Well, it*s already 3:00am and I*ve herd from Jason, now a two-day yoga vet, the second day is worse than the first... I better get some rest if I want to keep up with those housewives tomorrow.


edina monsoon said...

YOGA is brilliant. I certainly cant claim to be the most flexible of people, but holding the various poses and feeling your muscles screaming in objection is rather addictive. ( this is only after attending 5 classes to date )

edina monsoon said...

BTW your picture depicts a "cobra" pose. I'm partial to that. The one I abhore is the down dog position. *shake head* I swear I'm hypotensive after that pose each and every time without fail