Saturday, September 17, 2005

I Was Trip*n Hard Last Night!

Wow... I took my Korean anti-Tonsillitis drugs last night, grabbed two hours of sleep, woke up and felt like I was flying on XTC! As a result, I stayed up half the night working on my latest track. Took a sample of a French traveler friend who I met while backpacking through Thailand and chopped in up in Recycle. As I recall, we all had a few **special** cookies that night, so he is going off about how he loves the sound of geckos in such a smooth, thick, French accent I would have fallen in love with him were he not a man. Meanwhile, I have a gecko that instigated the whole conversation gecko-ing on a loop in the background.

Listen To French Guy Sample

DJ TTM & Comatose's Korean/Canadian Cross Continental Loop

I think I*m going to open up with the sound of the sampled cicadas I captured in the Jungle, move into the dialog and then keep both the cicadas and dialogue as a constant throughout the track. So far I have created what will most likely be my course... and it sounds wicked. I*ve managed to bring more of a fullness... a richness... an organic feel to this track... something almost all of my other tracks are missing. I*m excited... I*ll be sure to post it when I*m done!


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