Thursday, November 03, 2005

The Catch All / Catch Up Post

Wow... it*s been a crazy end of October, life has been busy for this teacher. It seems I always think about this Blog when I*m in the shower. It*s been many showers since my last post and I have a whole bunch of random ideas I want to write on however, I*ll try to narrow it down to these select few:

Korean Soap ~ The Bar That Just Keeps on Giving

Hair Loss by the Bushel ~ Genetics, Stress or Pollution

Mom and Dad Don*t Read This! ~ I Caved and Bought a Sport Bike

West~Coasters Don*t Read This! ~ The Most Beautiful Fall Ever, Sunshine, Sunshine, Sunshine

Halloween of Thousand Screams ~ Does South Korea Only Stock One Costume?

(But first: Sad news... the screen on my camera broken.... so no pictures :(

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