Thursday, November 03, 2005

West~Coasters Don*t Read This! ~ The Most Beautiful Fall Ever, Sunshine, Sunshine, Sunshine

On my Mac*s Dashboard there is a weather update **widget* for both Abbotsford and Gum. It seems every time I look, Abbotsford has 7 days of rain while Gumi is forecast with 7 days of sunshine. I can*t even remember the last day it rained here and if it*s not raining then the weather here doesn*t see any point in being cloudy.

Gumi South Korea has the most beautiful fall weather I can ever remember experiencing. Born in Nanaimo, BC, having spent significant portions of my life in Bella Coola, Armstrong, Victoria, Aarau Switzerland and most recently Abbotsford BC, I can claim with some degree of authority that the weather here is far superior to that of BC and northern Switzerland.

The other day I was wandering my usual path to school and I had to keep stopping to take it all it. It was that gorgeous, diffused, mid after noon light, in part reflected by the brilliant yellow and red leaves scattered in the streets. Everyone was wearing a grin on their face; kids and families were soaking up the sheer perfection of the day. While traffic and people hummed along the streets playful screams and shouts from children carried through the soft yet crisp air. Street vendors set their fruit out, mandarin oranges being the most abundantly displayed as they are now in season. For three dollars I received a black plastic bag filled with twenty or so oranges from the same old man who sold me the fig tree for my classroom two weeks earlier. I see him every day on the way to school, often he passes me an orange along the way and this day he made sure to top my bag up with some extras.

I will never forget this afternoon, with absolute certainty it will involuntarily consume me for split second sometime, somewhere in my life, over and over again, like so many other experiences I have savored.
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