Thursday, November 03, 2005

Hair Loss by the Bushel ~ Genetics, Stress or Pollution

(Dramatization using picture of unrelated man... I'm not as bad as this poor sucker... yet)

While the scene is still set in the shower, here*s something that has me really concerned. About two weeks ago, I noticed a plethora of hairs carpeting the sides and bottom of our bathtub. Still in awe about how long my soap was lasting, I initially dismissed them as belonging to my semi~balding roommate. It was actually a little pissed that he would leave that much hair all over the tub. While towel drying my hair I kept getting pieces of it in my mouth. Then I ran my wet hands through my hair only to find six or seven hairs stuck on them. I repeated this process until my hands came out clean and then shook my head over the sink only to see more hairs fall out!

Worried, I ran to my computer and Googled **Rapid Hair Loss**. The genetics in my family should be pretty solid, both my mom and dad*s side had damn good~looking hair for their age. My self~diagnosis is either Telogen Effluvium, meaning my hairs are lazy and have entered a temporary resting phase or Trichotillomania, I am actually causing my own hair loss because I am pulling on my hair all the time to see if it is falling out.

I am hoping I have one of the disorders above, as the chances of a full recovery are almost certain. What*s scary is the fact I have talked with three of four teachers who have claimed to suffer from the same problem. One blamed his thinning hair on the pollution but the others shifted the blame to the kids... really, there is no doubt in my mind the kids are culpable.

If you*re a foreigner living in Korea, I*d be really interested to know the status of your hair since arriving. Just post a comment indicating weather your hair has gotten worse, better or stayed the same.
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