Thursday, November 03, 2005

Korean Soap ~ The Bar That Just Keeps on Giving

Korean Soap amazes me. Those who know me may claim I*m easily amazed... and they are right, but Korean soap is truly amazing. I bought a six~pack of cheapest soap I could find here on arrival; it was in a dusty corner of an old basement market. Six, rather large, rectangle bars were wrapped in cellophane with green Korean writing. There*s nothing fancy about it, there is little or no aroma, no markings on the face, and a total lack of ergonomic design. The bar is actually a bitch to keep hold of the first few showers. But here*s the thing.. the bar lasts decades! I*m still on my first bar! And yes, I do shower frequently, sometimes twice a day, nor am I stingy with my soap, I really lather up.

I seem to remember reading somewhere that Ivory soap was among the first variety to float. The trade secret at the time was to mix a little something called air into it. Apparently consumers liked the novelty of not having to dive for their soap and I*m assuming the company didn*t have any issues with selling air to consumers. This is why I think soap back home is gone so quickly, usually in week in my case, they puff it up with air! At this rate I*ll only get through four of my six bars before my contract expires.
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