Thursday, November 03, 2005

Mom and Dad Don*t Read This! ~ I Caved and Bought a Sport Bike

I couldn*t take it any longer; there was a deep void in my life here. The adventure, independence, and rush quenched by my 2005 400cc Suzuki DRZ Dual Sport bike back home was going unsatisfied here; living in a country with some of the cheapest new and used motorbikes is the world, this unquenched thirst was unacceptable. So, after only three months I caved and bought a used 2003 250cc Hyosung Comet. (Unfortunately, this is considered a **big bike** in Korea. Larger bikes are harder to come by and quite a bit more expensive.)

I won*t get into great detail about riding in Korea as the content my not be suitable for all viewing audiences. Let me just say everyday is an adventure when you ride in this country. While road rules are fairly lax for all motorists here, it*s lawless for anyone on two wheels. Ride on the sidewalk, run the stoplight, take the opposite side of the street, it really doesn*t matter. Of course, I*m not suggesting I do any of these things...

So far I haven*t had that much opportunity to ride. As soon as I go on a weekend excursion I*ll be sure to post a little review incase anyone reading this is asking all the same questions I was when looking into a bike in Korea.
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