Monday, January 11, 2010

127|365 Haircut ~ Random

127|365 Haircut ~ Random, originally uploaded by comatosed.

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I went to the hairdresser today and decided to flip through a few of their magazines. The only style I liked was the one this Caucasian guy with a headset was sporting (I emphasize Caucasian because the rest of the models were Korean or Japanese boy-band style girly-men with buffonts!). I knew he looked familiar but it was my hair dresser who informed me it was David Beckham who's hair style I liked.

So I did my best to emulate the picture I saw with the intentions of showing what a good job my hair dresser did rather than insinuating I look anything like David Beckham.

Unfortunately I couldn't find the picture I looked at online, but I did find this one which is a close approximate :) I swear they must have put bronze or something on his face, I just can't seem to nail the colour in Photoshop.

--- Lessons Learned ---
1. It's tough to do David Beckham's squinty eye look for prolonged periods
2. *Pssssst: Clone stamp does wonders for bald patches*

--- Strobist ---
1 Vivitar 285 HV @ full power at about 1 o'clock up high fired into a reflective umbrella. Another Vivitar 285 HV @ 1/2 at about 6 o'clock behind me blowing out the background.

--- Critiques Welcome ---
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