Monday, January 11, 2010

134|365 Do You See a Problem With the Monitor? ~ Random

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I think there is a problem with this monitor. Am I being obsessive or can you see it to? It's easier for me to see on this larger version on white.


So I decided to go with the 26 Inch LG Flatron M2600D S-IPS Monitor. I visited the shop every day for week using every negotiation tactic I learned from "You Can Negotiate Anything" to get the price reduced by another $80 off the already reduced display model price. The original price was truly unreasonable for a now obsolete display model running 24/7 with no box or manual. Not only that, I'd found one brand new for less online.

And after all that work and anticipation I find myself forced to return is because I can see a problem that's not acceptable for a $500 piece of gear. Can you see it?

--- Lessons Learned ---
-Be weary of display models?

--- Critiques Welcome ---
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