Wednesday, March 04, 2009

052|365 Best Job in the World Application ~ Random

Theme: Random

It was a full on weekend. Brandon, Kim and I did nothing but plan and create our application for The Best Job In the World... well, that and a little drinking and socializing with Scott and Grace.

Our concept: Create Beastie Boys style video with lyrics conveying our personality and explaining why we are good applicants. I approached mine bit like an interview. What I'm applying for, where I heard about the job etc.

We finished writing and recording the audio at about 2am on Sunday morning. We were up at 8:30 the next rainy-ass morning and were planning out our videos when I hatched a brand new concept... a nasty habit of mine. I proposed we run around my tiny, unknown city of Okpo and pitch it as this amazing travel destination - travel show style. I would show off the huge crane, Goliath, and talk about how there were still a few fish surviving in the industrial port area etc.

Well, we went so far as to write out all of our scripts for the new project and then talked ourselves out of it at the last minute and reverted back to our original plan. Time and weather were not on our side nor did we think the travel doc approach would be as entertaining. I'm trying not to live in the past but... now I'm thinking maybe...

Kim at Brandon had to make a 6 hours journey home so things had to be wrapped up by 5pm on Sunday. We didn't have enough time for the proposed locations, wardrobe changes, or even memorizing our lyrics! We shot in my living room, stairway and on my roof.

I stayed up doing rudimentary edits on all three videos and submitted them at about 5am. I slept for an hour, woke up and 6am and was teaching by 7.

It was one hell of a fun time and even if our videos don't make it onto the website (which is very possible because the site was totally swamped and never gave me any kind of upload confirmation) this weekend will never be forgotten.

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