Wednesday, January 28, 2009

021|365 Tree Doctor ~ Random

021|365 Tree Doctor ~ Random, originally uploaded by comatosed.

My tree suffered some major trauma during our move :( So, I had to act fast and take matters into my own hands...

I knew the 300km ride would be bitter cold for my tree so I covered her up with an old army blanket. But I didn't want all that weight resting on her fragile branches alone, so I tied an old shower curtain rod vertically to her trunk and made sure it stuck out higher than the tallest branch in order to support some of the weight.

When we finally arrived at my new home there were leaves and branches scattered on the bed of the moving truck. This wasn't good, something had shifted during the move and landed on my tree.

Once I got her upstairs, I grit my teeth, removed the blanket, and assessed the damage. It was hard to look at, she needed to be rushed immediately to the bathroom. I gave her a shower hose IV straight into the soil and after a good dousing she went into surgery where I clipped the limbs that were crippled beyond repair and splinted the remainder using cardboard and tape.

Finally, after 30 minutes in surgery, I placed her next to the sunniest window in the house for some much needed rest and recovery. She's doing better now, I think the splints really are working!

--- Strobist ---
Vivitar 285 HV @ 1/4 at about 11 o'clock with a DIY grid spot pointed at my hands. Another Vivitar 285 HV @ 1/2 at about 3 o'clock lighting the wall behind me. Finally a Sunpack DS 20 at full power trying to light the surgical bowl I got there. It really couldn't compete too well with the Vivitars I found.
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