Wednesday, January 28, 2009

025|365 A Dip in the Snow ~ Random

After another full day of killer snow boarding Kim, Brandon and I decided it was time to relax those stiff, sore muscles, put on the Speedos, and have a few drinks at Sesoldong outdoor hot spring.

It was way better than anticipated. There were three out door pools, warm, hot and very hot; all constructed from boulders and nestled cozily amongst the trees and snow. From where we were sitting, you could watch the night skiers pass by.

Brandon and I didn't think to bring swimsuits and thus had no other choice but to rent the blue Speedos which Kim found oh so entertaining. We brought a bottle of red and cracked it in the pool while Brandon and my waterproof cameras were rolling.

As usual, 365 was working away in the back of my mind. I didn't even need to talk Kim and Brandon into the idea of jumping in the snow. So I did something unprecedented and snapped ONLY 2 shots using my Pentax Optio WP point and shoot. No SLR, no flashes, no tripods or super clamps, not even any post processing!

I set the camera to take 2 shots at 10 second intervals and held those two down in the snow as long as I could.

Honestly, with the cameras, wine and horsing around, I'm surprised we weren't kicked out :P

Now totally relaxed and half buzzed, we met Greg and Akon, who came up for the evening, for a delicious meal of Samgyupsal and about 7 bottles of Beksaeju. I think Akon and I drank the majority of those as we kept loosing at the drinking games. After dinner, Brandon, Kim and I had a few games of Jax in the room. At some point Brandon turned out the light while I was peeing which meant we all suffered the consequences of significant splatter.

All in all, another picture perfect day.

A couple vids I made from previous years:
Snowboarding - Muju 2008 - Chill Bill Cut
Snowboarding - Muju Mayhem 2007

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