Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Comatosed in Gumi

Las Pistolas del Amor

I retuned to my old stomping grounds on the weekend. Mr Jason Jang and the staff at Psycho Bar invited me down to .... erm... 'spin'? My hard drive was spinning so I guess I can call it that.

A super-heavy, Korean death metal band called LUBE open the night up and were followed by Las Pistolas del Amor. Both bands rocked the the joint and when they were done Jang and I hit the decks pumping everything from old-school hip hop to deep, funky house.

I was wise that night and only drank JD on the rocks. I honestly believe, if you're going to drink, straight up hard liquor is the healthiest option: it only takes a little, there is no sugary mix involved and it does the job quickly and well.

When 5am rolled around I realized my cell phone was missing. Turns out Traci thought it would be a great idea to steal my phone and have Bryant fuck it up as much as possible. When my phone came back it was all in Korean, the banner said "yr mom called" and there was a picture of a urinal on the screen. So far I've only changed the language back :)

Finally, a few of us grabbed some early morning Sam Gyp Sal and sat wasted, falling in and out of sleep in the dingy, grease infested restaurant. All in all a wicked weekend!

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