Saturday, March 10, 2007

Rebel Falls 7 Feet and Lives


Apparently my Canon Rebel didn't latch into my tripod earlier this morning at work. The camera caught 7 vertical feet of free fall before ploughing lens first into the concrete floor.

The hood absorbed some of the shock as it broke and was forced halfway down the lens shaft. But the B&W UV+HAZE MRC Filter took the brunt of the blow. Amazingly, while fractured, the filter stayed completely intact. It it thanks to such a high quality, durable filter that my Sigma 18-200 lens remains in one piece - scratch free!

I was unable to remove the filter from the lens, even after trying with pliers for over an hour. My gracious new boss had one of the Korean staff take it to Techno Mart immediately. The camera came back within hours in perfect working order and my boss covered the $80 for labour, a new B&W UV+HAZE MRC Filter and Sigma hood!

What did I take away from all this? 1-Always make sure your camera is securely fastened into the tripod. 2-Thank my lucky stars because the damage COULD have been upwards of $1,400. 3-B&W make kick-ass filters. 4-Hoods and filters are worth every penny, leave them on at all times. 5-My school and boss freak'n rock!

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