Thursday, March 08, 2007

Trip to Coex

The subway I took to Coex Mall in Seoul.


Now even less reason to interact when you have live TV on your cell phone.


It's a nice building but a window cleaners nightmare.


Apple has gone all out in Korea! Koreans are a tough crowd for Apple to sway but their latest advertising blitz in the country's biggest mall, COEX, will surely lure some people in. They probably had over 2000 banners hanging from the ceiling in addition to the pillars! 


Nike had an amusing display directly in front of Mega Box Movie Theatre. I feel sorry for the clerk who has to listen to the same 30 second ad blaring over the flat-screens again and again.


This is the car-park I walk trough on the cold / wet days.


I wondered why bees were swarming around this poor girls face and the I realized they were not bees but fish. Either way, I feel sorry for both parties. 


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