Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Custom Suit Seoul


Had these threads custom made in Itaewan, Seoul. The tailor was surprisingly professional, he spoke excellent English and had tailored for some fairly prestigious cliental from around the world.

I subway-ed to the suit shop in my $700, Canadian, 'off the rack' suite so that Ben, my tailor, could use it as a starting point. Ben had me choose some fabrics and took a series of detailed measurements (much more thorough measurements than my Thai tailors took years ago).

One fitting later, my custom fit charcoal grey suite and five darted dress shirts were ready to go. The most unreal part of it all... I only walked out with $400 more debt.

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Steve said...

What's the name and address of where you went? I'm headed to Seoul in a few weeks and hoping to check out a tailor shop.