Thursday, March 08, 2007

Featured Stuff

Out of the blue, I got two messages from complete strangers today notifying me they had used some of my work in their projects. Bill Dan appears to be a hardcore Cairn / Stone / Rock Pile-er and has started up a blog titled He chose a pic I took of a cairn at Gumosan Mountain.


The other guy runs AnyKeyStudio and goes under the artist name of Alien Tripod. Alien Tripod copped up and edited a sound sample I recorded in Laos in one of his latest tracks 'Fragile'. The sample is of some Laotian kids laughing while playing on my drum. The original sample can be found at The Free Sound Project.The song is very cool, a sounds-cape of sorts. It's inspiring to listen to how creatively Alien Tripod uses the sound.


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