Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Herb-Garden a la Windowsill

Day 1

Started a herb-garden last weekend. Hydon showed me a good spot to find garden supplies. Got six pots, two bags of dirt, one bag of substrate stuff and one chunk of styrofoam all for $21. Alice helped me sew the seeds I brought from Canada. It's almost as if the pots were designed for the windowsill - they snap right into place. I designed some fancy labels in Illustrator the other night and Claire, from work, helped me print and laminate them.

I love gardening - it seems to always bring people together.

Day 3


Dayanti Karunaratne said...

Tell me more about gardening in Korea! Do many people do it?

comatose said...

Ya, there are a ton of gardeners here. Most elderly woman (adjumas), especially in small towns, will plant something edible wherever there is unoccupied dirt. I haven't met too many people who start gardens indoors, and most people who live in apartments simply have no space to grow anything.