Tuesday, March 16, 2010

140|365 I Have Not Forgotten ~ Random

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I've been busier than ever at my job, so much so I'm a week behind in 365 uploads. I have only one class from 7-8am but after that I interview from 8:30-Noon and then only have a few hours left in the office to prep for the next day. Work combined with working out, Korean classes, motorbike troubles and the usual life admin have made it hard for me too keep up on flickr.

The good news is two weeks of nothing is right around the corner and while I still have to be in the office, I'll have much more time to catch up on all your streams :)

See you soon!

--- Strobist ---
1 Vivitar 285 HV @ 1/4 at about 7 o'clock with DIY grid spot and another Vivitar 285 HV @ 1/2 at about 6 o'clock lighting BG.

--- Critiques Welcome ---
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