Tuesday, March 16, 2010

144|365 Interviews ~ Work

144|365 Interviews ~ Work, originally uploaded by comatosed.

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Scott and I will have interviewed about 300 Daewoo candidates by the end of this week. Mr. Park, in human resources, has been stocking us up with best snacks around for the past 12 days. He now brings an entire box of waffles and brownies which I not so subtly mentioned were my favourite early on.

While interviews were gruelling and uneventful for the most part there were some comments worthy of mentioning on Facebook:

1. Greg Samborski's Interview Highlight: Greg: Which is the scariest interview for you? Candidate: Personality Interview. G: Why? C: They hurt me.

2. Greg Samborski: Interviews Day 10: "My weakness is I don't know how to deal with woman's mind."

3. Greg Samborski's Interview Highlight: "My hometown Degu. I have joke about Degu. Degu has beautiful girls."

4. Greg Samborski: Group 2 Interview: Candidate: "I like Bon Jovi". Interviewers: "Sing us your favorite song." Candidate: "ahhhh... It'sss myyyyyy liiffffeeeee..."

5. Greg Samborski: G: "So where are you from?" *Thinks for a while* C: "I'm a North Korean defector." *Most awesome interview ever!*

6. Greg Samborski: Day 9 Group A: C: "My name is Gabriel, like character from Heroes!" G: "Do you have super powers?" C: "Yes I do." G: "What's your super power?" C: *Suddenly understands what he just said*... mmmm, trust and passion!"

7. Greg Samborski Interviews Day 11: "The pig doesn't love the woman because she isn't pretty."

8. Greg Samborski: Day 7 of Interviewing. Group1: G: "Have you traveled abroad?" C: "I like soccer!"

9. Greg Samborski interviewing new recruit: "Now you will debate, do you understand what a debate is?" Student: "Yes, bait is for fishing..."

10. Greg Samborski Interviews Day 12: G: "Tell us about yourself." C: "I'm a careful and attractive person...&quot

--- Lessons Learned ---
1. Double check ISO before shoots!

--- Strobist ---
1 Vivitar 285 HV @ 1/4 at about 12 o'clock bounced off of ceiling.

Thanks to SkeletalMess for the Sulfur Texture.
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