Tuesday, March 16, 2010

147|365 Can your remote do this ~ Plato Ad Campaign

Theme: Plato Ad Campaign

Text: Can your remote do this?
Phottix: Take Control

I picked up a toy that opens up a whole new realm of creative photography options. My new Plato remote allows me to do things that were virtually impossible before, such as capturing a self portrait at 117 meters away.

I've always enjoyed studying good ads and so just for fun, I'd like to try and put together a small campaign for this piece of gear that can capture and communicate how freeing it is.

--- Testing ---
I decided to test both my canon RC1 Wireless Remote Control against the Phottex Plato Remote Control. I figured if the Plato could achieve anything near the advertised range of 100m I'd need make myself highly visible, so I dressed up in a white Tyvec suit, neon yellow vest and shades.

I brought a 50mm lens with me, figuring it was the most true to perspective, and a hand held GPS.

First I tested the Canon RC1 by taking one step back from my camera after each shot to the point where it wouldn't trigger my camera anymore. I then marked that spot on the GPS and did the same thing with the Plato.

The final results: Canon RC1 = 9m / Phottex Plato = 117m

I'm impressed, better than advertised! My only complaint thus far, I'd like some audio feedback in addition to the visual LED feedback to ensure my camera was in range and the photo was taken.

--- Critiques Welcome ---
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