Friday, August 06, 2010

100717-Adjuma Adopts Chaka Baby

The story I'm about to tell is better than the shot. After a more or less successful diner out with Chaka the previous night, and my definition of a successful dinner with a baby is if you can manage to get full while eating in shifts, Hyun Mi and I decided to do it again. This time sought out some grilled meat called Ohgupsal (pigs neck) which is my new favourite cut of pork. Chaka had already done very well enduring the loving caresses of numerous cooing strangers and an hour of shopping at the local market. So it was no surprise that exactly when our meet was set on the grill she began crying.

Hyun Mi had just breast fed in a semi-private room and needed to eat so I went for the bottle of formula in our bag. As I was getting it ready this complete stranger/adjuma came to our crying baby, said a few words, picked her up, moved back to her table and calmed her with her soothing voice and touch. Although the formula was ready, I waited, seizing the opportunity she had given my wife and I to eat together. Soon Hyun Mi gave me the maybe-we-better-not-burdan-that-adjuma-anymore-look-? and I approached bottle in hand ready to feed. Rather than give up the child she took the bottle from me and began feeding her. Once again I returned to my table and wolfed down as much food as I could savouring every moment of free time.

Again I got 'The Look' and this time Hyun Mi gave me a phrase that would help clarify that we were concerned about our baby's care taker getting to her own dinner and guests. The adjuma had no desire to do anything but feed our Chaka so with this fact now crystal clear, Hyun Mi and I enjoyed the rest of our meal together feeling rather relaxed. It probably was no more than a 15 minute date but it felt like an eternity. We collected Chaka from the infatuated adjuma and went out for coffees!
--- Lessons Learned ---
Giving new parents even the shortest break in parenting can be invaluable. I want to follow this adjuma's example and help out the next time I see parents that look a little tired out. I just hope the deed doesn't land me in the hospital or jail.

--- Critiques Welcome ---
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