Friday, August 06, 2010

100723-Rooftop BBQ with Friends

This is about the point in the evening where still-recovering-from-a-fever-Greg decided a few tequilas couldn't hurt that much...

Friends of Hyun Mi came down Friday evening to spend a little time in Geoje and see six-week-old Chaka. June and Jin He are the kind of guest that are hard to tire of. They're super easy going, fun and very independent. The visit began with as grilling ribs, ohmoksal, hangjungsal (various cuts of pork) on our roof top in the warm humid summer air. Mosquitos were non existent, there was plenty of Cafri (Corna-like beer) and Guinness flowing and Chaka was fast asleep in her room below.

Towards the end of our feast June mentioned tequila and although I knew is was bad idea to get wasted while getting over the end of a cold, that's exactly what I did. Soon we were downstairs playing Omok (pente / chinese chess) for shots. Rules were loser drank one, or 2x whatever the winner was willing to drink. And the shots weren't limited to tequila, rum, soju and beer were all finding their way into the same glass. In fact, we found quite a "good" mix we titled Soquilla (soju + tequila) which is fitting as it is 'so'-'killa'.

It was at some point during our game that Hyun Mi came in with a cup of tea and accidentally spilled some on my leg. Drunk and shocked I exclaimed FUCK! June asked "Why did you swear?" and I exclaimed "The water was FUCK'N hot!" June disagreed with my interpretation of hot and made me an offer, that if he could pour the boiling hot water on himself without cursing than I could no longer curse in my own home. I didn't even have a chance to reply before he grabbed the mug of tea our of Hyun Mi's hand and doused his knee with half the contents.

I was too drunk and too many days have since past to recall what his expression was at the time but I can confirm that he didn't make a peep. He did however make a visit to the doctor the next day to get treatment for his some serious blistering. I told him to his face the next day that his actions weren't "manly" as he claimed, but rather "stupid". Stupid because (a) girlfriends don't like to tend to big oozing water blisters during their vacation and (b) again, because his girlfriend was right there. That's the kind of stuff you do when you're out with the guys. But hey, it made for a memorable night and perhaps I'll think twice before saying fuck next time... oops!
1 Sunpack DS-20 @ 1/1 at about 11 o'clock

(On a side note the 5D Mark II is amazing at low light. This was shot at ISO 1280, f7.1 at 1/3 of a second. It was pretty much pitch black with candle light. Amazing!)

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